Self- Healing for Healers Webinar| Health Connect One | Birth Equity Leadership Academy Webinar

A self-care plan can enhance health and wellbeing, manage stress, and maintain professionalism as a community health professional that supports and advocates for birth equity. Learning to identify activities and practices that support wellbeing, as a professional and help to sustain positive self-care in the long-term. Candice Gillett will be presenting to community health professionals about issues related to the stress of community health work, secondary stress and developing a self-care plan. To find out more about the Birth Equity Leadership Academy visit Health Connect One.

TalkShops Book Club!

“We rely on science to tell us everything from what to eat to when and how long to exercise, but what about relationships? Is there a scientific explanation for why some people seem to navigate relationships effortlessly, while others struggle? According to psychiatrist and neuroscientist Dr. Amir Levine and Rachel Heller, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

In Attached, Levine and Heller reveal how an understanding of adult attachment-the most advanced relationship science in existence today-can help us find and sustain love. Pioneered by psychologist John Bowlby in the 1950s, the field of attachment posits that each of us behaves in relationships in one of three distinct ways:

  • Anxious people are often preoccupied with their relationships and tend to worry about their partner’s ability to love them back
  • Avoidant people equate intimacy with a loss of independence and constantly try to minimize closeness.
  • Secure people feel comfortable with intimacy and are usually warm and loving.In this book Levine and Heller guide readers in determining what attachment style they and their mate (or potential mate) follow, offering a road map for building stronger, more fulfilling connections with the people they love.”